Full Spectrum LED Light Bulb 24W

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Full Spectrum LED Light Bulb 24W

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Natural sunlight has seven very uniform wavelengths and energies of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Only under the illumination of such a light source, our body and mind can develop in a balanced manner.
However, the general indoor lighting sources used by most people today usually only provide color spectrum of orange, green and indigo.
If we are exposed to unnatural indoor light sources for a long time, it will not only affect our eyesight, but also make people feel unfocused, tired, stressed, and even anxious.
Medical science has confirmed the effects of natural light sources on human physical and mental health. We should receive more natural, more healthy light sources.
For nowadays people who need to live indoor long time, it is recommended to choose full-spectrum lighting that is closest to natural sunlight having complete seven-color spectrum.

Characteristics of full spectrum light bulb:
** Reduces glare & eye strain, helps to prevent short-sightedness.
** Color Rendering Index CRI: 97% (close to natural sunlight) perfect for color matching (indoor normal: 33 CRI)
** Thermodynamic Temperature: 5,500K (close to soft natural sunlight at 10am).
** Energy Saving: 80% (compared to ordinary light bulb)
** Long life: 20,000 hours (20 times longer than ordinary light bulb)

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