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The protection device is an energy-information device designed for protecting and recovering the natural information-spatial structures of biological objects from detrimental radiation from mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers, TV sets, copiers etc.

The experiments were made using Dr. Korotkov's GDV-device visualizing the Kirlian glow of fingers in a high-frequency gas discharge for shaping the human body aura to examine his psychophysical state. The experiments were as follows: The person under test: male, 21 years old, in good health, testing at 3:00 to 3:40 p.m. The aura (Fig.1) and the blue line on the diagrams show the probationer's state of health before a mobile phone conversation. The green zone on the diagrams shows the normal state of internals (see the corresponding rays), the yellow zone shows an affection (or disease) of the corresponding internal, the red one overstress or inflammation.

Further we see the biofield distortions caused by mobile phone impact. Fig.2. The aura after a 1.5 minutes mobile phone conversation. The corresponding line on the diagrams is yellow. The glow integrity is upset (so- called "ragged aura") that means functional disorders of corresponding internals. Fig.3. The aura after the second mobile phone conversation. It was registered 40 minutes after the first mobile phone conversation that was enough for human organism to recover. However in this case the mobile phone was equipped with the BIO-SHIELD device. The corresponding line on the diagrams is red.

The BIO-SHIELD device protects, stimulates and compensates the functional condition of biological objects.

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