Chlorine Remover Filter Candles - 6/set

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Chlorine Remover Filter Candles - 6/set
Chlorine Remover Filter Candles - 6/set is available to buy in increments of 1
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Design Concept:
Remove chlorine efficiently and rapidly, reduce the harmful element such as THMs during washing.

Tap water is simply disaffected water by chlorine addition.
Chlorine added to water will oxidize and form hypochlorite ion (Cl-), which produces tap water's bad odor. Due to fast spreading of coliform, Taiwanese government was forced to increase the amount of chlorine added to water. As a result, even taking shower can make us pass out in the bathroom! (By inhaling volatized organic compound such as carbon tetrachloride,CCl4)

How much toxicity does our tap water have?
According to US environmental protection agency, there are 700 types of pollutants including 22 carcinogens in drinking water. EPA R.O.C. also states that 23 out of those 700 pollutants are highly toxic.

Residual chlorine will transform into carcinogenic TTHMs (total trihalomethanes)
TTHMs are the overall product of the reaction between chlorine and organic compounds in water including CHCl3, CHBr3, CHBr2Cl, CHBrCl2 and CH3CCl3 (chloroform, bromoform, dibromochloromethane, monobromodichloromethane and trichloroethane). These compounds are the most dangerous carcinogens and their toxicity reaches the highest at 100 degree Celsius.

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