Chanergy Water System

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Chanergy Water System 5+1

Existing old customers upgrade to brand new 5+1 filters - Special price : $5,880

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SKU CW-C.W.S-5+1
Barcode 02028248

#1 Ultra Density PP Fiber Filter (1 micron)
#2 Ion Exchange Resin Filter
#3 Compressed Activated Carbon (CTO) Filter
#4 KDF + Ag Active Carbon Compound Filter
#5 Natural Wave Energy Geberator (No need to replace)
#6 Ceramic Water Filter Candle

Chanergy Water Counter Top Installation
Water Diversion Switch (to be attached to drains end of standard inner screw thread Ø21-22mm / outer screw thread Ø23-24mm of your existing faucet), 1.5m PE tube x 2 and Counter Top / Wall Mount installation included.
Fee : FOC (PE tubing extension charges $30/m, minimum 1 meter)

Chanergy Water Filter Under Sink Installation Charges
Individual Drinking Water Faucet (with 2m PE tube), Water Source Separator, Control Switch and Core Drilling included. Applicable to Glass / Marble / Granite / Formica / Wood / Sink tables.
Fee : $600
($200 extra charges for Core Drilling of table's thickness more than 2 inches)

Filters Replacement Price
Filter 1、2、3、4 & 6 each 1 pc
DIY $1,350
Replacement Service $1,550

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