Organic Wild Oregano Oil 15 ml

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Organic Wild Oregano Oil 15 ml
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Barcode 705105628707
Brand Hedd Wyn Essentials

- 100% Certified Organic Ingredients.
- "Best Tasting. Most Effective."
- Greater Bio-Availability Through Patented Process.
- Nature's Most Potent Panacea.
- Each bottle comes with a glass dropper and contains guaranteed certified organic wild Mediterranean oregano oil ( 80-85% Carvacrol ) ( 1 part ) in a base of cold pressed certified organic extra virgin olive oil ( 4 parts ).
- Add a drop or more to season salad dressings, sauces etc.
- Stoe at room temperature away from light.

Why Oil of Oregano?
Wild Oil of Oregano is a potent health aid. Its primary active ingredient, Carvacrol, when laboratory tested, proved to be one of the strongest antiseptics known to man.
Oil of Oregano provides you with a defense against airborne and food-borne germs as well as infections from any source. Natural antibiotics like Oil of Oregano do not induce antibiotic resistance as do the patented antibiotic drugs. Use Oil of Oregano to boost your immune system and to kill off unfriendly bacteria. This natural remedy provides defense against biological toxins. Carry it with you whether it is to work or school or on a trip around the world. It is an invaluable travelling companion where food and water sources are suspect or in the event of an injury or infection. It could save your life.
Nature has provided us with a potent remedy for a wide range of afflictions in wild oregano herb and oil. Once tried, wild oregano oil will become a friend for life.

Wild Oil of Oregano Usage:
Wild oil of oregano can be used both internally and externally. The vapors can be inhaled to effectively combat lung complaints and coughs. The oil should be kept away from the eyes and mucous membranes, as well as sensitive skin areas. Children under the age of twelve should not take the oil internally. Children may be treated by diluting the oregano oil in olive oil and rubbing it on the soles of the feet or other areas of the body.
The adage 'less is more' applies to the use of oregano oil. It is extremely potent and should be taken according to directions. Recommended dosages should be followed. Use minimum amounts to observe the effects prior to taking larger dosages. For internal use, only take the Mediterranean species of wild oregano that has been mixed with a high quality olive oil. Other oregano oils are often ineffective and can be dangerous. Many of these oils are mislabelled and, in fact, are not the true oregano. The pure essential oil is far too strong to use externally or internally. For safety, use a brand pre-mixed with olive oil.

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