Can-C Eye-Drops 2x5 ml

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Can-C Eye-Drops 2x5 ml
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Lubricant Eye-drops with antioxidant N-Acetylcarnosine, 2 x 5ml vials
Pioneered by respected bio-physicist Dr Mark Babizhayev and a team of Russian researchers in the early 1990s, Can-C eye drops contain a potent anti-ageing and anti-oxidant known as N-acetylcarnosine, or NAC for short.
NAC combats the build up of free radicals in our body - the molecules which cause tissue damage and accelerate the ageing.
NAC is a naturally occurring compound, related to the nutrient di-peptide carnosine. Carsonine effectively 'mops up' and repairs the damage caused by free radicals in the eye.
However, the natural enzymes in the eye react with carsonine, reducing its potency to tackle free radicals. Can-C's NAC formulation is highly resistant to this reaction - while its slow release formulation gradually breaks down in the eye to deliver carsonine effectively.
The NAC formulation also tackles the impact of UV radiation - another important factor in eye health and degeneration.
Use one or two drops twice a day, or as directed by a medical health professional. Before using, read the enclosed insert carefully.
As a soothing eye drop, for temporary relief of minor irritations to the eye and exposure to sun and wind etc.
    Glycerin USP 1% w/v
    Carboxy Methyl Cellulose USP 0.3% w/v.
        Benzyl Alcohol (as preservative) USP 0.3% w/v
        N-acetyl Carnosine 1% w/v
        Potassium Bicarbonate USP q.s.
        Boric Acid NF q.s.
Always avoid contamination by replacing cap after use. Do not touch the end of the vial to any surface. Do not allow others to use your vial. Once a vial is open, keep it in a fridge, but do not freeze, discard open vials within a month. Only open one vial at a time. If kept out of sunlight, unopened vials may be stored at room temperature. If seal is open, or liquid becomes cloudy, do not use. If after using this product, the eye becomes irritated, inflamed or uncomfortable etc., discontinue use immediately and if necessary consult an eye doctor. This product is not recommended for children, so always keep out of reach of children.
Approved by Innovative Vision Products (IVP)
US Patent: 7,795,203 B2

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