LAW towads ... JUSTNESS


LAW towads ... JUSTNESS

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作者 Ghis / Mado

LAW towads ... JUSTNESS by Mado

Since the seven Noachide laws given to Noah, the member of laws worldwide has been growing exponentially, Nowadays, there are more than six millions laws in Canada. What happened? Have human beings become bigger crooks, thieves, and killers than before? No! They are growing more conscious of their true identity. Suffocating under the unrelenting domination and mistreatment of his master, the human slave aspires to real freedom. The more he tries to elude laws, the more brutal they become. We are presently witnessing the end result of this vicious circle, as we face an alarming escalation of laws and violence. The situation will soon reach its climax – martial law. Everything is in place for the coming fascist dictatorship.

Justice was never meant to protect rights and liberties, but to increase the productivity of the human livestock.

Sooner or later, I discover that I was born a slave, I live as a slave, I give birth to slave, and I will die a slave – unless I take the decision to get out of slavery for good. Three chains hold me back. The first one is attached to the State through citizenship; the second is connected to the Creator through spirituality; the third is linked to my lineage through animality. I unfasten them, one link at a time, one habit at a time, until I realize, to my astonishment, that laws do not exist. As all systems collapse, one after the other, I become aware that a life without laws and without death is not only possible, but that it is the only viable solution.

In this booklet, you will find answers to the following questions:
.Am I above or below the law?
.How can I express my free will?
.How can I avoid paying taxes?
.How does the law-money duet work?
.What is the difference between the natural person and the legal person?
.What is the best: civil disobedience, nonviolent resistance, or conscientious objection?
.How can I free myself concretely from the three chains of human slavery?